Techcast S01E17: We Wish We Could Say More

Techcast S01E17: We Wish We Could Say More

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We’re back – but missing one person. Don’t worry, he’ll be back in a couple of weeks. But did you hear? Apple has announced a date for its special announcement, and our Team Of Experts™ have been analysing the invite to tell you want we can expect from the event. Will it be a new iPhone, or a super-sized iPad? Find out here in this week’s edition of the Techcast!

Or not. We have nothing to offer other than pure speculation.

Instead, join Terence Huynh and Chris Southcott for a conversation about some of the top stories (and not so top stories) of the week – including Twitch being bought by Amazon, and how one Kickstarter-backed product will be obsolete in a few months after their launch in 2015.

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Show Notes

Top Stories

Apple officially holding event September 9th: ‘wish we could say more’
Apple Blogger John Gruber Hints at NFC For iPhone 6
Apple Preparing New 12.9-Inch IPad for Early 2015
Amazon to buy live-stream gaming site Twitch for $970M
Amazon Coins are now on sale in Australia, everyone gets 500 Coins for free
Sony says PlayStation network back online, user information safe after attack

Other Stories

Apple iAD Introduces Ad Units Designed For Brands, Expands To Two More Countries
ACCC takes Valve to court over breaches of the Australian Consumer Law
A Major Amendment Was Just Made To The Australian Classification Act
Dropbox Slashes Its Price as the Cost of a Gigabyte Nears Zero
Coin Cards Will Be Obsolete Months After They Are Released
Songl streaming service to close just 18 months after launch
The Relative Cost of Bandwidth Around the World
Steve Ballmer loves his new job as owner of the LA Clippers

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