Techcast S01E08: Not So Special Podcast Part 2

Techcast S01E08: Not So Special Podcast Part 2

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Welcome to Techcast! This is Part Two of our Two Part podcast from Sunday. This week we talk about the Xbox One and the Kinect, The Au$$ie government cutting funding, Nokia launching a new phone and more ispONE headache. Get ready for our most aussie episode yet…..

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Show Notes

Top Stories

Microsoft to offer Kinect-less Xbox One for AU$499, kills Xbox Live Gold paywall for most apps
Games With Gold June 2014 – Xbox 360 & Xbox One
Government Officially Implementing Idiotic ‘Cyber Commissioner’
Australian Government axes federal funding for games industry
Government Pulls Funding For Games: The Australian Industry Reacts

Other Stories

Microsoft Mobile confirms Lumia 630 launch, priced at under $250
One Telecom/ONEseniors services cancelled, existing numbers lost
About time…. Spotify releases their new Windows Phone app
Another way to edit your Twitter experience: with mute
Telstra testing in-flight 4G broadband
Beats Music starts small with just 111,000 subscribers, no word on how many are paid
Sony forecasts further losses despite strong PS4 and smartphone sales
Goodbye to Katie Cotton, the Queen of Evil Tech PR

Calm The Fuck Down by Broke For Free is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

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