Targus's new pen turns your laptop into a touchscreen (with a pen)

Targus's new pen turns your laptop into a touchscreen (with a pen)

Touch Pen_Win 8 Screen

Got Windows 8, but want to take full advantage of the touch gestures of the OS? Targus has got you covered with a brand new accessory, called the Touch Pen, that will make any laptop screen become a touchscreen (though you will need to use the included pen).

The pen “simulates” the fingers touch experience, and you attach a small receiver to the side of the laptop screen in order to read what the pen is doing, and will register on the screen. It requires, apparently, no drivers but you will need to calibrate it before you use it in order to register the boundaries of the screen.

Also, it will register monitors and laptop screens up to 17-inches. So, if you were planning to convert your 23-inch monitor as a pseudo-touchscreen, well you’re out o fluck.

Targus is saying that this should be available in Q2 for US$99.99. No word if it will be available internationally, but you will be able to get it from their website and leading retailers and e-tailers. So, if it doesn’t come to Australia, you can probably get it shipped in.

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