TabletTail: Monkey Kit makes it possible to have a tablet stand, anywhere

TabletTail: Monkey Kit makes it possible to have a tablet stand, anywhere


A company called Octa used CES to show off the TabletTail: Monkey Kit – a new hands-free stand that let you use your tablet anywhere as you can adjust it to suit a wide variety of angles, heights and positions. And there is no release date as of yet, because the makers have taken to Kickstarter to fund the building process.

The kit comes with two parts – the Vacuum Dock, which holds the tablet and e-reader with a high-powered suction; and the MonkeyTail, which is an adjustable, sturdy and flexible 3 feet stick, wrapped in silicon. All you need is to twist the tail to form some sort of stand.

The TabletTail: Monkey Kit will be available in retail stores for US$99.99. It is also offering an “early bird special” discount, selling the Monkey Kit for US$80, for the first 300 backers who take that offer. Of course, if you pledge a bit more, then you can order a “limited edition” version where you can order either one that uses a silver-based pigment to emit colours of the rainbow, another that has red/gold glossy paint, or one that has purple/green glossy paint.

The Kickstarter project is just under US$9000 from its goal, with 41 days to go. You can back this project at their project page.

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