Symbian Anna finally out, hopefully fixes problems that makes us dislike it so much

Symbian Anna finally out, hopefully fixes problems that makes us dislike it so much

Nokia has finally released its newest update to the Symbian OS, Symbian Anna. Featuring a revamped user interface and brand new features, it hopes to rectify some of the reasons on why many in the tech community really hate it.

The user interface features a brand new set of icons, similar to those found on the MeeGo operating system, and will feature tweaks to improve its usability. In addition, the virtual QWERTY keyboard will now be present in both portrait and in landscape modes, rather than simply being in landscape mode only.

Nokia Maps gets an update, and also the ability to check in to services such as Facebook Places and FourSquare. Plus, it also brings in a new browser that will quickly load pages and has a redesigned user interface.

This will also activate Near-Field Communications (NFC) support for the Nokia C7, so that devices can be simply tapped together to establish a connection – a similar method is present on its upcoming Nokia N9 smartphone.

Nokia will be pushing the update via its Ovi Suite, or over-the-air, but it does suggest you use a Wi-Fi connection. Only the Nokia N8, Nokia C8, Nokia C6-01 and Nokia E7 will be able to get the update, as they run the Symbian^3 OS.

In addition, Nokia will be supporting the OS until 2016, so it’s not going anywhere (if it happens to be a success), and 10 more phones are set to come out within the next 12 months that will run Symbian Anna.

However, since we don’t have a phone that has Symbian^3 with us, we can’t really tell if this a big improvement. So, if you have downloaded the update, do tell us on the comments below!

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