Sydney Public Transport App Wrap-Up for iOS

Sydney Public Transport App Wrap-Up for iOS

Since Tom and Terence are writing these things, it’s only logical for me to write one about Sydney! Since the iOS App Store has a huge range of Apps available to download, it’s sometimes hard to pick the right App for what you need. This post will attempt to ease that frustration and help you pick the right up for getting you around the public transport system in Sydney.

TripView Sydney

TripView Sydney is probably the best App to download for finding your way around Sydney. It provides timetable information for Trains, Buses and Ferries. It’s really quick to show you the nearest station or bus stop and then show you a map to assist you to get there. You then pick a destination and it will show you the next train, bus or ferry instantly.

The best thing about TripView is it’s ability to show you if there are disruptions on the network. When viewing a timetable, it will work out if any disruptions on the network will affect your journey and let you know about it.

TripView Sydney is $2.99 off the App Store and it’s well worth it. There is a fully featured free version but it won’t save any of your trips.

Transport Info 131500

The Transport Info 131500 app is the newest contender to the App Store. It’s been made by the NSW Department of NSW and uses their Journey Planner technology. Upon opening the app, it will work out your location and instantly show you all the next services. While looking slightly complicated, tapping on a service will display more information and a map.

Of course, the app allows you to plan out a trip without using location services. It allows you to choose a mode of transport or you can allow it work out the best and fastest way to get there. I did find some of this complicated but the App is only new.

The Transport Info 131500 app will show you service interruptions but only if you ask it to. So you may run into problems there…

It is a free app and there are no ads.

CityRail Mobile Website

Of course, if you are so inclined to, you can use the CityRail Mobile Website. It has the ability to show you Service interruptions, Trackwork on your line and a highlight events feature which shows you any events happening around Sydney and how to use CityRail to get to them.

The Next train service and Trip Planner links redirect to the 131500 mobile website and looks much like their App – so it’s probably better just downloading the Transport Info 131500 app.

Of course, it’s free and probably a quick way to find out Service interruptions or trackwork if you’re not near the station.

That’s all the apps I could round up, if you know of an App that I have missed. Be sure to let me know.

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