Sword & Sworcery hits Google Play, remains awesome

Sword & Sworcery hits Google Play, remains awesome

The delicate, immersive and delightful ‘Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery’ is now available on Google Play, a year after it’s original release on iPad in 2011. While my description might sound hyperbolic, this game truly is the best Android game of 2012, and my personal favourite game of the year, closely tied with Sound Shapes for the PlayStation Vita and Journey. Hey, it’s okay in a three-way.

The game is point-and-click, which works really well as a mobile game, you could say a native touch-screen gameplay mechanic, and the sound, with music by Jim Guthrie and visuals (pixel art-y) are perfection. Have a break as you play as Scythian on a quest in a beautiful, dry-witted universe.

The game is a mobile game at heart though, offering bite-sized chunks of gameplay ranging from 15-30 minutes a piece.

You can buy it for a shocking, temporary, price of $1.99 on Google Play here, or pick it up on iTunes for iOS (Universal) at the same price here.

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