Survey: 60 percent of Xbox 360s fail in Britain

Survey: 60 percent of Xbox 360s fail in Britain


Turns out, the Xbox 360 dying is common after all, especially when a CNET UK survey found that sixty percent of the 1,128 who participated in a commissioned survey – and that has to be some news that Microsoft isn’t happy to see, especially after boasting it was the “most reliable” console out there.

According to CNET UK, 47 percent of the respondents had their consoles failing within a year, while only 25 percent reported failures for more than 18 months sitting in their living rooms. Also, out of those who reported the failures, 72 percent took up Microsoft’s extended offer, while 15 percent decided to repair it for themselves or just chucking it under the bed, never to be seen again, or until a solution is found.

Also, 32 percent reported that the console was broken twice, and 19 percent say that the console broke three or more times. CNET UK was even told that one guy had to get his console “repaired six times" before being able to get a refund from the Redmond-based company.

For its rivals, the PlayStation 3 only had a reported failure rate of sixteen percent, while the Nintendo Wii had a failure rate of six percent.

This report follows a survey conducted by Game Informer that found that the Xbox 360 has a failure rate of 54 percent in the United States. Though, what makes this survey different than the Game Informer’s one is that the CNET UK survey was a self-selecting survey and not a random sample.

So, anyone want to have a guess at the failure rate here in Australia?

Image from: spoonmonkey/Flickr (CC)

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