Surprising Companies that Accept Bitcoins

Surprising Companies that Accept Bitcoins

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Which companies accept bitcoin? In the world, this question is considered to reflect the social status of the company. It can be considered reflecting both the business purpose, or the marketing purpose. Either way, Bitcoin is accepted as an authentic method of payment, and in the future there will probably be more.

We have collected a list of companies that are currently accepting Bitcoin for products and services. We are talking about major retailers, and some unexpected companies.


Since 2004, Microsoft is counted on the list of top companies that accept bitcoin. Being one of the giants in the tech industry it’s actually surprising, Microsoft allows consumers to buy any services ranging from games, apps, movies, and even the license of Windows 10. 

However Microsoft has a bad history with bitcoins, when an ex-microsoft engineer used bitcoin to help embezzle millions.


Overstock uses a Bitcoin payment method in their online orders to secure financial transactions. Overstock is highly recognised as a leading shopping company that focuses on cryptocurrency. This retailer prefers to deal with multiple vendors to manage the bitcoin community as they considered it an ideal way to create additional units.


The list continues with the name of Newegg, the well-reputed retail company in the community of cryptocurrency. The working theme of Newegg is to purchase the hardware and deal with consumer electronics via online services. To expand the selling rate of hardware, Newegg accepts the Bitcoin system, however, there are some restrictions applicable in this case. This acceptance also makes the company more popular in the cryptocurrency community.


If we talk about the favourite company in the community of cryptocurrency to fight for freedom, we couldn’t forget to mention Namecheap. This is the pro internet freedom company dealing with purchasing of domain names. With the help of bitcoin, one can easily get their credit account of Namecheap. The company’s aim is to facilitate the users with affordable prices where the acceptance of bitcoin upgrades the services.


Amazingly, Wikipedia that is the largest encyclopedia operating globally also accepts the Bitcoin donation services. Without any doubt, Wikipedia is the open platform with which everyone is familiar. Within that situation, donation is allowed via BitPay.

You can donate to Wikipedia here.


Even KFC in Canada also decided to process payments through Bitcoin, though for a limited time. KFC Canada is working on a Bitcoin Bucket that facilitates customers via direct interaction. Here, KFC uses BitPay.

This company is included as an addition in the food industry that accepts bitcoin. There are strategic policies designed by KFC to increase cryptocurrency followers.

Besides KFC, there is also Pex Peppers, and Bees Bros to facilitate customers with Bitcoin payments.


The company established back in the year 1989 working specifically for flight purchases. Remarkably, CheapAir also accepts Bitcoin through Coinbase that further alters the payment processor in the form of BTCPay Server.

Similarly to CheapAir, Expedia is also here to provide ease in purchasing the travel forms and flights tickets. This company includes travel and booking services to reflect the acceptance of bitcoin. This makes it easy for users to pay via phone.


Last but not least, we have Gyft that accepts the bitcoin to add facilities to the purchasing practices on online portal such as gift cards. Amazingly, there is adoption of bitcoin payment facility without any extra fees. With this, there is and as an online portal.

Where are we using bitcoin next?

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