Surface RT dropped to $389

Surface RT dropped to $389


Microsoft Australia have today dropped the price of the Surface RT from $559 to just $389 – which is a saving of $170. Launched in October of 2012, the Surface RT has suffered from a slow uptake and sales have suffered as a result. Today’s price drop is most likely to address this and try and get a few more quick sales out before Microsoft announce an updated model.

Through the Microsoft Australia Store, you’ll be able to pick up the Surface RT 32GB model for just $389. If you want a Touch Cover, the original $679 price drops to $499 – a drop of $180. The 64GB model drops from $679 to $499 with a saving of $180. Interestingly, the 64GB model with Touch Cover only gets a $100 price drop, $709 to $609, according to Microsoft’s website. The site does mention that this is a “special offer” and is only valid while stocks last.

JB Hi-Fi is taking the discounts further though. You’ll be able to get the Surface RT 32GB model for just $384, a saving of $75 from the ticketed price of $459. Additionally, you’ll be able to get the 32GB model with Touch Cover for $498 and the 64GB model with Touch Cover for $608. While the discounts at JB Hi-Fi aren’t as heavy as those by Microsoft, the store has been selling the Surface RT for cheaper since launch.

Will you be buying the Surface RT in light on the price cuts? Be sure to take a look at our video review of the tablet. We gave it a 7.5 out of 10.

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