Steve Jobs had plans to reinvent television, photography and textbooks

Steve Jobs had plans to reinvent television, photography and textbooks

Steve Jobs biography, written by Walter Isaacson, has detailed a number of details of Steve Jobs’ life, work and achievements, occasionally showing a darker side to the man who brought such innovative products to the world. But Isaacson has revealed to the New York Times that he had left out some of the upcoming Apple products details out of respect for Apple and Jobs.

According to Isaacson, Jobs had planned to reinvent television, textbooks and photography and was already in the process of creating the long rumoured Apple TV that was actually a full television and not just a set-top box. He even told Isaacson that he’d “licked it” and that “There’s no reason you should have all these complicated remote controls.”

The other two industries, textbooks and photography, could arguably be linked to the iPad and iPhone, but it sounds like Jobs’ had much deeper plans to recreate the idea of textbooks and photography.

The big question from these details is whether Apple will continue work on these projects and if so, how long away are they? If Steve Jobs had “licked it”, does that mean they are just a few years away? Or will the rumour remain a rumour? Some things we may never know.

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