Steve Ballmer loves his new job as owner of the LA Clippers

Steve Ballmer loves his new job as owner of the LA Clippers

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Just under an hour ago, at the Clippers Fan Festival in San Francisco, Microsoft’s infallible ex-CEO, Steve Ballmer, took the stage. And by all accounts, he bloody loved the whole event.

And who could blame him? The millionaire, already on-record as a lover of basketball, now owns an NBA team, the LA Clippers.

With some quality Eminem blasting in the background (the quite appropriate track ‘Lose Yourself’), the charismatic figure high-fived every hand in sight, as cameras struggled to chase him, his feet dancing towards the stage.

If anything is evident in the video though it’s that Ballmer, already famous for his upbeat chants at developer conferences, has found his true home. You can see the festival in full below, with Ballmer entering the picture at around 2:46:00. God bless him.

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