Spotify for Windows Phone finally updated

Spotify for Windows Phone finally updated


Spotify have released an updated version of their Windows Phone app. Since the app’s original release in February 2013, it’s been marked as a public beta application and being beta, the app suffered from a lot of issues such as crashing and lack of features. This update (almost 6 months after the original release) removes the app from beta and introduced a few new features.

According to a tweet from Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore, the app has improved language support, offline playlist improvements and (finally) track scrubbing! Additionally, a number of bugs have been ironed out and app performance has improved greatly.

Even with this update, Spotify for WP is still running behind the iOS and Android counterparts. We’re still waiting for Radio support, Last.FM scrobbling, playlist editing and much more. Let’s hope this update today is the start of regular updates from the Spotify team.

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