SPOILER: What apple is announcing for iOS 14 at this years WWDC

SPOILER: What apple is announcing for iOS 14 at this years WWDC

The past few years Apple has not been too good at keep it’s secrets internal. An early test version if iOS 14 was leaked, and this gave us a glance into what is to come. But here is what we know so far to be announced at this years virtual World Wide Developers Conference. 

Home Screen Update

There are two major leaks about the Home Screen that we’ve seen so far. On the Apple Watch you have the ability to view your apps in a list, and this is expected to come in the iOS Home Screen update. This has been rumoured to also come with the ability to add home screen widgets, which has been a long requested feature. If not released in this version, it is expected sooner rather than later. 

New Fitness App

We’ve always seen Apple push health and fitness on its devices. The leak for a Fitness App update indicates that users will be able to downloaded guided workout videos. 

This comes with a variety of different workout types including indoor running, cycling, rowing, stretching, core training, strength training, outdoor walking, dance, and yoga. iOS users will be able to follow through on their iPhone and their stats are collected from their watch.

The new Fitness App is said to be a new standalone app, and not a replacement for existing health and fitness apps.

iMessage is finally getting an update

… but nothing big.

Sometimes it feels like iMessage gets neglected. In iOS 14 we should see it have more familiarities to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. 

Group chats will be given the option to @mentions someone that is apart of the chat, and see typing indicates which were previously only available in 1 on 1 chats. 

A long needed feature that we’ve seen in Mail and almost all other chat apps is the ability to mark something as unread, so you can remember to come back to it later.

New Augment Reality App

We’ve seen Apple create features that support local businesses for a while. The new Apple AR App will allow people to use their device to get information about things around them. For example, people would be able to hold up their device up at an Apple Store and view information about the products on display, get pricing, compare features, etc.

Alternative Default Apps

Using an iOS device you’ve become used to the idea of Mail, Safari, Calendar, etc, being your default App of choice.

However this iOS 14 update should include the option to override the default apps for features such as your web browser, or the app you use for your mail. 

… plus all the secrets!

If you’re like us, we enjoy Apple giving us a surprise. 

This year there should be some secrets spilled that haven’t been leaked yet. What do you think? Let us know on Twitter! We’ll be keeping everyone in the loop about WWDC 2020.

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