Sparrow for iPhone launches

Sparrow for iPhone launches

It’s been a while since it was first announced, but Sparrow, the fancy and unique email client for Mac, is now available on the iPhone and iPod touch.

As with the desktop version, the iPhone app looks like it’s trying to give the default Mail app, the Gmail iPhone app and any other webapp or native apps a run for their money, with an intuitive, future-proof UI and a fully-native Gmail (or other email service) experience, including archiving and starring emails.

The launch does come with disappointments, such as a lack of push, the inability to make it your default app because of Apple restrictions, and also no Exchange support. But it still has a number of cool features that aren’t seen in other mail apps. It also gives a better Gmail experience than the official Gmail iPhone app.

If you want a better (in some ways) mail experience, without some vital features like Push, then you can download it now for $2.99 on the App Store. Or wait for the app to get improved, if it gets updated. A trailer is below.

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