Spain arrest 3 over PSN breach, identified as Anonymous

Spain arrest 3 over PSN breach, identified as Anonymous

PS3 Gen1Spanish authorities have said on Friday that they have arrested three people – who they have identified as being part of Anonymous – on suspicion that they were involved in the PlayStation Network breach.

The three are believed to be leaders of the local Anonymous group in Spain; and are also being suspected in hacking two Spanish banks and several government websites domestically and abroad – including in New Zealand.

One of the suspects, a 31-year-old male, is reported to have had a server in his apartment which he is believed to have used in attacking the PlayStation Network, which was just recently fully restored by Sony in all territories with the exception of Japan.

Anonymous, however, has denied that they were involved in the wide-scale breach, and has said that it had no interest in stealing credit card details. However, reports have emerged that Anonymous could be facing a “civil war” between two factions. Anonymous is highly decentralised, with a core group of people organising the attacks, while many others (mostly teenagers to young adults) carry out their orders.

Sony is currently facing a brutal security attack amongst its other subsidiaries – with LulzSec finding holes in their security and publishing them on the internet (which, you must admit, is highly unethical).

The Spanish authorities have said that the arrest was initiated by the attacks on the Spanish National Electoral Commission before the elections in regions and municipalities in the country. It has been linked to Anonymous, who were protesting about the strict antipiracy laws with other groups around the city.

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