South Australia AG to scrap M and PG ratings for video games when R18+ laws are introduced

South Australia AG to scrap M and PG ratings for video games when R18+ laws are introduced

Image: Shaun Greiner/Flickr (Creative Commons)

In a radio interview with 891 ABC Adelaide, South Australia’s Attorney-General John Rau has outlined his new classification laws, declaring that he will scrap not only the MA15+ rating, but the M15+ and PG ratings as well.

The proposal would see any game classified MA15+, M15, and PG-rated games move up to R18+ territory only in South Australia – where people over the age of 18 can buy the game legally.

SA Attorney-General John Rau

“I’ve now come to the conclusion that having two distinct ratings would make it easier for parents to decide what games are suitable for children,” he said in an interview with host Ashley Walsh. “It makes it clear what is child-safe and what is not.”

He said that he has had several consultations with parents and different organisations before coming to his conclusions to scrap three classification ratings. Rau has also noted that he has full cabinet support for the proposal.

“I’ve been alerted to video games such as, um, We Dare that has been rated PG,” he continued. “After hearing about the game, and seeing some footage, I think that it was inappropriate for the Classification Board to have rated it as such.”

“Children need to be protected from this kind of sexualisation. The current rules make it easy for children to access very inappropriate content.”

We can only guess what kind of footage he saw for We Dare – if there is any. Let’s say, the trailer?

The new laws are expected to be introduced in the state’s Parliament in May, following federal legislation being passed in the Senate.

Note: To the best of our knowledge, Rau isn’t planning to introduce such a thing. Happy April Fools Day!

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