Sony wants you to log your life with SmartBand

Sony wants you to log your life with SmartBand


It feels like everyone is making their own fitness tracker these days – and Sony is one of them. The company has announced the SmartBand, which does the usual fitness tracking like all others. It will also notify you of your calls, and control media playback. It seems nothing special, right?

However, what makes this interesting is where it fits in with a new vision Sony has for its SmartWare products – where it records your physical, social and entertainment activities via an Android app called LifeLog. Because of this focus of tracking every day of your life, the SmartBand is both stylish and waterproof, and has a battery life of 5 days (according to Sony).

The SmartBand also comes with a detachable “Core” – the white thing on the above image – which lets you continue to record your day if you don’t want to wear the wristband. Both come with a “Life Bookmark” button, which will add that to the LifeLog app.

No word on local availability from Sony Australia.

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