Sony to make film based on Steve Jobs' biography

Sony to make film based on Steve Jobs' biography

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Sony Pictures is reportedly in the process of securing the film rights for the upcoming official biography to Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. And you would have thought they would have waited until some point later in time, rather than now.

According to Deadline, the film studio is bidding $1 million for the rights and that the producer will be Mark Gordon (he has also produced the film 2012). The production is also said to be a co-production between Gordon and Management 360.

Sony Pictures has had previous experience with tech business books with its major hit The Social Network – based on another book on the founding of Facebook. The film scored 3 Oscars this year, and was nominated for Best Picture (losing to The King’s Speech). It secured Best Motion Picture – Drama at the Golden Globes, however.

Jobs has only been portrayed once on screen: Pirates of Silicon Valley, a docudrama based on him and Bill Gates. Jobs was played by Noah Wyle, and reportedly liked Wyle’s portrayal. In 1999, during Macworld, Jobs asked Wyle to come out and start the keynote.

The biography will be released on October 24, pushed up from November, because of Jobs’ death. Demand for the book had increased by 41,800%, already becoming holding a top stop on Amazon and iBooks.

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