Sony lifts the lid on PlayStation 4 - US$399, this holiday season

Sony lifts the lid on PlayStation 4 - US$399, this holiday season


Sony has been keeping fans waiting long enough, and it has finally lifted the lid of the PlayStation 4 – even the design of the body. The new console features a slant design, and will integrate heavily with other Sony entertainment properties.

Sony Pictures announced that it will develop a programming plan to bring exclusive content to PlayStation 4 users – however they did not explain what the content will be. It will also include Sony’s Video and Music Unlimited – both will be available on Day 1; and will bring pay-per-view content through its PlayStation Network. It will also include Netflix and Flixster.

Sony is planning to release 20 first-party games in the PS4’s first year. According to Sony, 12 of those titles will be brand new titles – including The Order 1886, a sci-fi steampunk game set in Victorian London. Sony also confirmed that Knack, Drive Club and Killzone: Shadow Fall will be launch titles, while Infamous: Second Son will be released in the first quarter next year.

However, Sony is strengthening it’s third-party games, especially from the small and indie developers (most whom are exclusive to PlayStation 4). In terms of the big third-party titles – Blizzard is bringing Diablo III to both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, while Square Enix is releasing Final Fantasy XV (previously known as Versus XIII) and Kingdom Hearts III to the console. Final Fantasy XIV is will be an exclusive.

But, what is the pricing and availability? US and Europe by holiday season for US$399. Yes, they have basically undercut Microsoft by $100. We are awaiting Australian availability details.

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