Sony releases laptop with 3D capabilities

Sony releases laptop with 3D capabilities

Sony today unraveled their new 3D capable laptop. The VAIO F Series 3D laptop features a Full HD 16″ LED display, Blu-ray and 3D capabilities. This laptop is said to offer “unparalleled, immersive entertainment experience on their terms- in the living room, on–the-go, wherever.”

The F Series delivers a superior viewing experience with its LED backlight, 1920×1080 16″ display. This display also has a high-speed refresh rate and an ‘ultra-high’ contrast ratio to make sure you get the most realistic playback.  It also has an inbuilt 3D sync transmitter to work with the bundled active 3D glasses to allow you to sit back and enjoy those 3D movies in Full HD.

This laptop also features Sony’s S-Force Front Surround 3D system to offer you vibrant sound and without the need of a fully fledged home theater. You can also connect the F Series to your TV via it HDMI output in order to receiver a larger viewing area.

The NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M with 1GB of VRAM is the grunt behind the display in order to provide you with high-definition graphics processing for HD video playback and intensive gaming. With that graphics card and the second generation, quad-core i7 make for a very powerful, well featured laptop. This VAIO F Series 3D will run Windows 7 Home Premium and will sell for around $1,700.

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