Sony introduce three new Bloggie HD Cameras

Sony introduce three new Bloggie HD Cameras

With an ever growing market for pocket video cameras, Sony today released three new models, the Bloggie, the Bloggie Duo and Bloggie 3D, which the latter is a world first. These cameras enable you to capture those moments in Full HD for video or 5MP for stills.

The Bloggie 3D has two lenses, two image sensors, a stereo microphone and a LED light to capture 2D or 3D photos and videos. Due to the size of the 2.4″ LCD screen you can watch those 3D videos and look at those 3D photos without the need of 3D glasses or you could view them on any 3D capable HDTV.

The Bloggie Duo is also breaking ground with its two vibrant LCD screens, 2.7″ on the back and 2″ on the front. This helps when you have the camera but also want to be in the action. The Duo comes in four colours; violet, green, pink and white.

The Bloggie, the entry model pocket camera, offers Full HD video capture for a low price. The Bloggie has a ultra compact, lightweight design with a 2.7″ LCD on the back. The Bloggie comes in black or white.

All Bloggie’s have simple hard key operation and provide seamless integration with social networking services for easy sharing among colleagues and friends.

Here are some features which you will find across the Bloggie range.

Sensitive Exmor CMOS sensor to achieve high resolution video and crisply-detailed still photos with less grain, even in challenging lighting conditions

Free style shooting & playback to automatically adjust GUI for vertical or horizontal shooting and viewing

Dual Record to enable photo capture while shooting video

Auto Focus / Auto Macro to allow auto focus capabilities and Auto Macro to focus sharply on objects as close as four inches away

360 Video bundled kit option lets consumers capture everything around them and playback incredible 360-degree footage a quarter at a time on the camera’s LCD

Compatible with PC and Mac® computers, a “Share it Later” function tags the clips and pictures you want to post for easy upload the next time you’re online

The Bloggie’s also have SteadyShot image stabilization for smoother video, Face Detection technology to correct the focus and exposure, a built-in USB arm for easy connection to your computer, internal memory, built-in rechargeable battery and HDMI output for easy, Full HD playback.

With Sony’s Bloggie software, its easy to share your precious memorys with family and friends via Sony’s Personal Space™ or Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and Picasa. You can also have ‘Personal Space Sharing Groups’, to enable you to keep your friends and family up to date without having to constantly retype their email address’ and worry about the bulky attachments on that email. You can also add photos and videos to your groups via the ‘Share it Later’ feature.

The Bloggie and Bloggie Duo will be available in March with 4GB of internal memory for $150 and $170 respectively and the Bloggie 3D with 8GB of memory, will be available in April for $250.

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