Sony Ericsson bring out LiveView display for Android

Sony Ericsson bring out LiveView display for Android

Today, Sony Ericsson, the company which brought you the X10 line, announced their new device, the LiveView, which despite it looks is not an iPod Nano competitor.

Instead the LiveView is a micro display for Android phones with the ability to be a remote control. This device is like many other concepts out there, allow you to read new text messages, see incoming calls and keep up with the latest Facebook and Twitter news plus more.

The LiveView connects to your Android device via Bluetooth enabling it to do a number of things like show the latest news from your RSS feeds, Facebook and Twitter updates, new text messages just to list a few as well as remote control capabilities. The LiveView features a 1.3″ OLED display which is disappointingly not a touch screen, Bluetooth (Obvisously) and a MicroUSB port for changing.

The LiveView has an open platform for developers to create numerous applications as well as plugins for existing applications so that they can work with this device. The LiveView is compatible with the X10 line as well as most other Android 2.0 and above phones.

Sony Ericsson say that this device is will be available in selected markets in Q4 just in time for Christmas, which leaves me wondering if that includes Australia, at a price of around $100AUD. There is definitely potential in devices like these and we hope to get our hands on a LiveView to test it out.

Edit: Apologies to all, this device is actually called LiveView not LifeView

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