Sony customers still waiting for those PS3s

Buyers of the Sony Bravia LCD TV have been waiting for the company to actually do what it promised to due – give them a PlayStation 3 console.

The delays came after the Sydney Morning Herald revealed that customers in the Samsung’s two-for-one promotion for its LCD TV product line; where it offered a smaller LCD for free if you bought a big-screen LCD TV set. Customers have been waiting for five months.

Those who bought a Bravia LCD set between December 21 of last year and January 28 should have received a bonus PS3 if they had a receipt and cite their brand new TV’s serial number.

They also promised that the consoles would be delivered within 28 days; with some complaining of poor communication within Sony or rejecting the claim that it had run out of stock.

The NSW Office of Fair Trading has advised people to work out the issue first before launching a complaint against the company of misleading representation. It can also contact Sony on your behalf, and if a result agreed by both parties is not reached, the consumer can take it up on the Consumer Trade and Tenancy Tribunal.

Those living outside of New South Wales, contact the local Office of Fair Trading.

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