Sony confirms 55-inch, 65-inch 4K TVs are coming to Australia in July

Sony confirms 55-inch, 65-inch 4K TVs are coming to Australia in July


Sony has announced that it will bring to Australia its updated “X-Series” line of 4K television sets – consisting of a 55-inch and 65-inch models joining its existing 84-inch screen – in July; and will bundle eight movies “mastered in 4K”. However, the company has yet to confirm the pricing for the new screens.

The new “X-Series” line of televisions include its TRILUMINOUS technology, which Sony says that it delivers a “significantly wider” colour palate than a standard LED TV; and, built-in front-facing home theater-quality speakers. Both will also upscale all content to near-4K quality – however, whether or not if it’s any good remains to be seen.

In order to push 4K television, Sony will kickstart your collection with eight Sony Picture films bundled with your television. The eight are: Angles and Demons, Battle: Los Angeles, Ghostbusters, The Karate Kid (2010), The Amazing Spiderman, Spiderman, The Other Guys, and Total Recall (2012).

Like its BRAVIA television, it will have integrated Wi-Fi and can access ABC iView, SBS On Demand, PLUS7 and Ten’s catch up services right from the screen. It will also have access to services like Video Unlimited, Music Unlimited, Quickflix, Pandora, and Crackle. They are also 3D televisions, and will have four glasses included (though, by the looks of things, Sony has pretty much admitted defeat in the 3D front – it’s just a minor point in their press release).

While their price have not been announced, a Sony spokesperson described the price as being “attainable” way back at its launch at CES this year. But given that the existing 84-inch 4K television made by Sony is around $25,000 – I’m assuming the pricetag for these will be around $10,000 – $20,000.

At that price, they are not “attainable”.

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