Sony Computer Entertainment America's CEO Jack Tretton steps down

Sony Computer Entertainment America's CEO Jack Tretton steps down
Image: Kevin Krejci/Flickr (Creative Commons)

Image: Kevin Krejci/Flickr (Creative Commons)

Sony Computer Entertainment has announced that Jack Tretton will step down from his role as the President and CEO of its American subsidiary, Sony Computer Entertainment America. He will be replaced by Shawn Layden, who is the Executive Vice President and COO of Sony Network Entertainment International, from April 1.

According to Sony’s press statement, the reason was a mutual agreement between both parties not to renew Trenton’s contract.

Trenton has been with SCEA since its creation in 1995, and played a big role in launching all of its consoles in North America – including the PlayStation, the PlayStation 2, the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation Network, the PlayStation Portable, the PlayStation Vita, and the recently released PlayStation 4.

In a farewell message on the PlayStation blog, he described his 19 years as CEO and President of SCEA as “one of the most rewarding experiences in [his] career.”

“I want to thank you for constantly pushing PlayStation to deliver breakthrough gaming and entertainment experiences, and to never settle for ‘good enough.’ The embodiment of this commitment can be found in the PS4, which has quickly become the #1 next-gen console worldwide…thanks to you,” he wrote.

“We’ve shared many memories over the past two decades and I’ll always be grateful for your support.”

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