Sony brings out new Bluetooth portable speakers, include NFC

Sony brings out new Bluetooth portable speakers, include NFC


Introduced at this year’s CES, Sony has introduced new Bluetooth speakers that have been designed for phones, tablets and computers; targeting those who would want to listen to music on their phones not on headphones, but aloud. They also include NFC, so all you need to do is tap on the speakers and you’re instantly paired. No more trying to do that tricky Bluetooth connection maneuver.

Sony has introduced for new speaker models. There are two that form the X-Series, the SRS-BTX500 and the SRS-BTX300. The main difference design-wide between the two is that the BTX500 has a kickstand at the back, while the BTX300’s kickstand is on the side covering the buttons to control the device. Technologically, however, the BTX300 includes a built-in subwoofer and DMC technology to deliver dynamic sound.

Both, however, use lithium-ion batteries, and provide up to six (BTX500) or eight (BTX300) hours of continuous playback. In addition, you can use this phone as a hands-free speakerphone and connect your phone via USB to charge the device.

Then we have the SRS-BTV5. It is the size of a racquet ball, but is ultra-light. It promises to deliver remarkable sound thanks to Sony’s Circle Sound audio diffusion technology; and can be used for hands-free calling. It has up to five hours of continuous wireless playback, and comes with a carrying bag.

Finally, there is the SRS-BTM8. It was designed for easy carrying anywhere in the house or on the go. It can run on batteries for 20 hours, or you can connect it to a power point. Like the BTV5, the BTM8 can also be used for hands-free calling.

The speakers will be available in March in the US. The BTX500 is US$299, BTX300 is $199, BTM8 is $99 and the BTV5 is $69. No international availability has been released.

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