Sony brings out "Double Full HD" 3D camcorder - HDR-TD10

Sony brings out "Double Full HD" 3D camcorder - HDR-TD10

Sony is to release the first “Double Full HD” 3D consumer camcorder that will bring your memories not only in high definition, but in 3D high definition. Yes, it is pointless and very unnecessary, but since Sony is pushing this 3D World, they are going to milk this for all of its worth.

The camcorder features two lenses – where both will be used in recording 3D, and one will only be used in 2D recording, and features a 2.5-inch touchscreen display that can view 3D content without needing glasses (similar to what the Nintendo 3DS does). It has 64GB of included storage, and no word whether it will have any form of expandable memory.

And since this is Sony, expect to install a lot of proprietary software in order to watch your 3D content on your computer.

The camcorder will be out in April for a hefty price tag of $1,500. A lot to spend on a camcorder, but if you have already purchased a 3D television – you obviously have money to burn.

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