Sony brings 4K to Australia by the end of the year

Sony brings 4K to Australia by the end of the year

Thinking about getting a 3D television? Well, might want to hold your horses – Sony has just announced that it will be bringing 4K, or ultra-definition television – to Australian homes. The first of its 4K screens, which are four times the resolution of HD, are set to be out by the end of the year.

Calling it the “next evolution in TV technology” (where have we heard that line before?), Sony will be bringing out an 84-inch television and it is super thin. Inside, it has a high picture quality engine that claims to be capable of taking a variety of content – such as HD digital television signals and Blu-ray movies – and broadcast them into 4K-quality.

Er, right.

Full gallery is below, and a video of a rant that represents probably every single television owner out there.

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