Sony batteries gets a recall – again

Sony batteries gets a recall – again


Computer makers Toshiba, Dell and HP have recalled over 100,000 laptops because of 40 reports saying that the laptop’s Sony 2.15Ah lithium-ion battery overheating. Some incidents, according to Sony, involved smoke or flames, with 21 of the reports saying that it damaged property, and 4 reported that they received minor burns. From the 100,000 total, some 35,000 were sold in the US, while the rest of the 65,000 laptops were sold outside of the US.

Sony’s answer why this would happen? Well, they say that they made adjustments on its manufacturing line between October 2004 and June 2005, and a possible flaw in the metal foil for the electrodes. A similar recall in 2006 and 2007 saw almost 10 million laptops from almost every laptop manufacturer – including Dell and Apple – using a different model.

A Sony spokesperson did not comment on how many were affected in Australia. Recalled laptops include HP’s Pavilion, Compaq and Compaq Presario models between December 2004 and June 2006; some Dell Latitude and Inspiron models between November 2004 and November 2005; and some of Toshiba’s Satellite and Tecra laptops between April 2005 and October 2005.

Vaio laptops do not use the battery in question, according to Sony; but last month, it recalled 440,000 laptops over a wiring flaw that could cause overheating.

Image: Kevin/Flickr

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