Sony attacked again: Online Games division attacked, could be serious

Sony attacked again: Online Games division attacked, could be serious

This story has been updated.

Sony, plagued with problems since the outage (and theft of data) from the PlayStation Network more than a week ago, is reported to have faced another security breach, according to a Japanese publication. This time, however, it has affected another arm of theirs – its online games division.

According to Nikkei, Sony took down the network that is used by its MMORPG games EverQuest and DC Universe Online. The attack could have also exposed the credit card information on more than 12,700 customers who play on its servers. The servers were not attacked at the same time when its sister network, the PlayStation Network was attacked.

This revelation now puts more pressure on Sony, who has just announced a move away from its current server location in San Diego, and also appointed a chief information officer. It is also trying to combat a series of lawsuits made by affected customers of the first attack, and also a series of investigations by the FBI, Homeland Security, and the Australian Privacy Commissioner.

The second attack also pose serious questions on Sony’s security measures – which, to be frank, are seriously woeful, especially for a technology company.

While Anonymous – a group who recently decided to attack Sony after attempting to prevent users from installing alternative software and ‘root’ their PS3s – has denied any responsibility of the first attack, it is unknown (highly unlikely) if they conducted the second attack.

Update [3:39PM 3/05/2011]: Sony has now confirmed, according to the Wall Street Journal, that it has lost more than 12,700 non-US credit card details of its 27+ million user base. As well, around 4,300 of those credit card details are said to be Japanese. Sony has said that these details are from an “outdated database from 2007”. Sony is investigating the matter.

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