Solid Work On Home Applications for iPhone and Android

Solid Work On Home Applications for iPhone and Android

Office-based professionals have two kinds: One who opts to work on-site, regardless of the difficulties of the commuting, wardrobe, and set hours because working with colleagues in person could not be replicated. The other professional opts to work from home, steering clear of commuting, choosing to work in solitude, or with the company of nonhuman co-workers. 

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Whatever type of office professional you are, these days, with the pandemic all over the world, it seems likely you’d be spending more time working from home. One issue, however, is the struggle to unplug after the work is done. The key here is productivity. 

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A project that takes longer could invade even your family and personal time. When working in different locations, collaboration and communication could mean struggling to stay on top of rapidly-moving projects. Moreover, motivation could also take a hit when you disconnect the being and look busy under pressure.

Fortunately, a lot of people could benefit from the help of different mobile applications. This kind of mobile app is designed to boost productivity and efficiency, foster concentration, improve communications, separate you from the job when the day is over and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Mobile app development today has put together productivity tools to help get more things done and faster, so you could work in your home lane and enjoy life. A new generation of technology tools helps bring office workers working in distant locations into the daily give-and-take of an office.

Work from Home apps for Android and iPhone

For small and medium organizations, it makes perfect sense to create a remote workforce. These companies need all the help they could get nowadays. Technology is the key to create a productive and efficient remote workforce. 

The major technology leaps, fortunately, make working from home take a gigantic move forward. The following are solid applications for iPhone and Android for a successful work from home scenario. 


The app has long been the go-to when you have to transfer, upload, and share files via the cloud.  Dropbox allows you to store and backup documents, pictures, videos, as well as other files to the cloud and access the synced files with any mobile device or computer, anytime, anywhere. The sharing features make sending all sizes of private files to coworkers easy. 

Furthermore, you could also access any file in your account even offline. Sharing files are done through a link, instead of email attachments. you could also use the app for scanning documents with your phone camera, transforming documents, receipts, notes, and whiteboards into PDFs. 

There are  free versions and a Plus version with more storage space and more automated. 


For teams big or small, Slack is a great app. It helps consolidate collaboration and communication in an easy-to-use, handy interface for you to stay on top of team activities every single minute. The flexibility of Slack could enable you to organize and communicate work with co-workers, call or message anyone in the group, edit and share documents, and coordinate with the right people.

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Furthermore, the app enables integrating third-party applications, including Salesforce, Google Drive, Twitter, Dropbox, Zendesk, Salesforce, and Asana. 


Losing track of time is easy when you work at home. Toggl however helps you stray on track by tracking your hours and managing workflow. This kind of tracking enables you to see your time spending and use the data to segregate your hours by clients, tasks, and projects. 

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Tracking your hours could be started on a browser and stopped in your phone with all data synced between your desktop, phone, and web. The features of Toggle include integrated calendars, tracking activities suggestions, analytical time management reports, ability to organize and customize projects and clients, and notifications for straight tracking. 


The mobile project management provides an inside track on all your projects anywhere. Wherever you may be, the app updates you on your and your co-workers’ tasks fast. You can utilize it for adding a task for reminders, ideas, to-dos, requests, build projects for organizing tasks in boards or lists complete with assignees, followers, due dates, files, details, and tasks comment to make instruction clarifications or ask questions.

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Changes done in the mobile app would appear in the web application right away. The app could even be used offline since updates would sync when you’re online. 


Almost anybody who uses email for work receives an abundance of unsolicited messages that are not immediately important. Controlling this kind of email means effective prioritization of which demands immediate action and which could be saved for later.

An email cleaner, Spark helps you to stay focused on important emails via sending specific messages to the top of the mailbox. You could pin and reply to important mails and the batch will archive the others. A home screen widget allows you to see how many unread emails are there, compose a new email, or search.

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Spark minimizes noise by notifying you about emails from those that you know. You could add several email accounts to the app, such as Hotmail, AOL, Gmail, and others. The working team could privately discuss email to keep everybody in the loop. 

7-Minute Workout

Even when you work from home, you need not be a couch potato. The 7-Minute Workout app makes certain that you rise from your chair to stay fit. The app has several of the best non-athlete exercises, even those who find it boring to exercise.

The app helps you to lose weight, strengthen, and flatten your abs and tone muscles. The videos will show the right technique to do every exercise, and the app supports the Fit tracking of Google. It’s high-intensity circuit training or HICT, designed for improving aerobic and muscular fitness.

The 7-minute workout has 12 exercises, 30 seconds at a time with breaks every 10 seconds between each exercise. You only need a chair and a wall. 


The app links up with all the in-built calendar applications to build one super calendar that’s designed to help save time and be more productive, while you spend less effort in synching and organizing your life. 

You can connect with all your Apple, Google, and Outlook calendars, see all events in a timeline or list view or make events in Calendar and sync with your other calendars. 


Working from home could be positive for employers and employees. The solid work from home apps for both the Android and iPhone operating systems could boost productivity, enhance work-life balance and lessen costs. The flexibility is mutually beneficial.

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