So, what would a Pokemon Centre look in 3D?

So, what would a Pokemon Centre look in 3D?


Have you ever thought whenever playing a Pokemon game, “Hmm, what would this look like if it was in 3D?” or “What would this look like if it was real?”. Well, a fan and environmental artist called Evan Liaw has answered your questions, by reinterpreting the classic Pokemon Centre in 3D – with a little bit of a sci-fi twist.

And given that Pokemon is now coming to the Nintendo 3DS (seriously, it took them this long?) with Pokemon X and Y, why the heck not? And I will say that they look brilliant. He’s mixed in a bit of sci-fi elements (especially with the technology), a bit of a “hospital” feel (given that it’s primary function in the game is to heal your Pokemon), and also incorporates the other aspects, such as the trading and the Pokemon Storage System.

Anyway, you can see some selected images below, and see them in full at his website.

evanliaw_pokecenter_1 evanliaw_pokecenter_6 evanliaw_pokecenter_16 evanliaw_pokecenter_17

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