So, what exactly is coming in this new Xbox 360 dashboard update?

So, what exactly is coming in this new Xbox 360 dashboard update?

So, if you haven’t heard, there’s a new Xbox 360 Dashboard. What’s also new is that you’ll now be able to watch video content for free and on demand right from your Xbox 360 – meaning that you’ll no longer need to hook up your television to your computer. But what exactly is coming to your Xbox 360?

We’ve already confirmed that ABC’s iView service and SBS’s own SBS ON DEMAND will be heading to your Xbox 360, but also confirmed to come to Australians will be access to YouTube – so you’ll be able to watch those very same cat videos on your own television. It should also be noted that for ABC iView, it is not unmetered if you have that arrangement with your current ISP.

Also coming to the Xbox 360 will be content from NineMSN – no surprise, given that it is a 50/50 partnership with Channel Nine. This will let users stream video from Nine News, the Today Show and other content from the site. Also coming is Sony’s Crackle service, giving you access to its own original content and French video site DailyMotion.

All of these services will be coming in “late December”.

For those interested in baseball, you’ll also be able to access season games from MLB.TV directly from your Xbox 360 console from Australia. That will be active, however, in “early 2012”.

People will also be pleased to know that you’ll now be able to navigate with your voice, as this update will now be activated in all Kinects in Australia. As well, there will be a companion app for Windows Phone 7 to let people navigate the same content from your phone.

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