Sling Media expands product line with a screen and a remote

Sling Media expands product line with a screen and a remote

CES 2010 BlockLast year, they announced that they will partner up with EchoStar to produce a DVR (called the 922 DVR) that will include Slingbox technology. That still has not been released, but that has not stopped Sling Media to release four new Slingbox products – including a brand new remote and screen.

There’s the Sling Monitor 150 (image above) that will allow you to watch content from your Slingbox without the need of a TV, because it has a 15.6-inch, 720p display that has stereo speakers and has a built-in stand so it can be wall mounted or placed on a desk. It will also feature 802.11n Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as controlling the live television stream from the device.

There’s also a new Slingbox – the Slingbox 700U – that will allow any Internet-connected set-top-box to have the same capabilities as a Slingbox via a simple USB connection. DISH, which was formerly owned by Sling Media’s parent Echostar, has announced that they will be offering this to their customers.

Above is the Sling Receiver 300, which sends the full 1080i live television stream from a connected SlingLoaded set-top-box to any other HD television in the home via the wireless network. It features a HDMI port so you can experience it in full HD; along with composite, component, analogue and digital audio ports. The only problem, however, is that no other DVR has the SlingLoaded feature, so EchoStar needs to release their own before this comes out to market.

Then, there’s the the Sling Touch Control 100, a touchscreen device that interacts and controls SlingGuide-enabled devices (like some of Dish Network’s DVRs) via the home Wi-Fi network; and will control non-networked AV equipment via the good-old-method known as IR. The device also features a 4.3-inch screen and a rechargeable battery and comes with a cradle.

For all of these products, availability and pricing have not been revealed. The Australian distributor has not confirmed that it will be heading here, and don’t get your hopes up.

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