Skydrive gets more improvements - more (paid) storage, native apps for Windows and Mac

Skydrive gets more improvements - more (paid) storage, native apps for Windows and Mac

While many scoff at the idea of SkyDrive being an actual competitor to Dropbox because it has the word “Windows Live” on it, it’s a decent product. And now, it’s about to get some more additions with paid storage increases and native applications for Windows and Mac.

The news of the clients come via the little promo on the leaked images, but Mac users will certainly rejoice. You can now sync files from your Mac without going through the often tedious process of opening a browser and uploading the files. And if you are more the Apple fanboy, then you can access them via the iOS app.

On storage, you can add another 20GB for US$11 a year, another 50GB for US$27 a year and even an extra $100 for US$54 a year. Remember, this is on top of the already generous 25GB of free storage Microsoft offers.

Microsoft is clearly investing more time and energy into SkyDrive and are positioning this thing as one competitor to Dropbox and Apple’s iCloud. Just this year, Microsoft pushed support for PDFs and RAW image files; drag-and-drop uploading (via HTML5); launch an API to access, upload and share files; and HTML5 video support.

If Google Drive does come into existence, then Microsoft might have some competition. But looking at the level of improvements and additions, Google might have a tough time catching up right out of the gate.

Via WPCentral

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