Singapore Ahead Of Fight Against Coronavirus Cyberthreats with Acronis

Singapore Ahead Of Fight Against Coronavirus Cyberthreats with Acronis

If you’re working digitally during the current pandemic, you have probably seen the increase in spam. Unless of course, if your company uses Acronis, you’re probably seeing none.

Singapore’s Unicorn Acronis released the world’s first cyber protection solution, tailored to fight off pandemic cyberthreats. Enabling service providers to cut costs and defend their clients against cyberthreats through AI-powered integration of data protection and cybersecurity – with Zoom security, COVID-19 URL filtering and a 100% detection rate.

By abusing people’s panic during these times, blackhats are offering virus test kits, vaccines, miracle cures, overpriced or fake goods to protect yourself, shopping services, prescription pickup services, and home cleaning services. Except these all lead to malware, or a financial scam. 

Examples of some scams currently issued by ScamWatch

Many governments are issuing notices of scams, and are encouraging everyone to think twice before you click.

Acronis has released a response to the COVID-19 Pandemic online, including a response from CEO Serguei Beloussov: “Acronis is committed to ensuring our employees, partners and their families are protected too, while we provide the same high level of support to our partners and customers

Have you experience online scams during the pandemic? We want to hear from you, please email with a reference to this article.

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