Sims 4 Discover University brings the most requested expansion

Sims 4 Discover University brings the most requested expansion

EA has announced that the latest Sims game is finally getting one of the more beloved expansions of every single previous Sims game. That’s right, Sims 4 is getting a University expansion.

The expansion has been heavily requested by the Sims 4 community for quite some time. EA announced the Sims 4 University expansion by acknowledging this in their press release. Starting the press release, Sims 4 Senior Producer Michael Duke states that this is “easily the most requested piece of content by our players”. EA has made sure that this Sims 4 University expansion also contains a good amount of content to keep players happy after being forced to wait so long for it to arrive.

Discover University will introduce the world of Britechester which comes with two unique schools for Sims to attend in their pursuit of higher education. The University of Britechester for arts and humanities majors along with the Foxbury Institute for science and technology fields. These two different campuses will “offer a variety of new experiences” in the game while also allowing players to choose who sims embrace their college life with control over how often they attend class and more.

As to be expected, Discover University will allow players to select new activities and actions for their Sims to do including study sessions at the library, play juice pong, explore the campus, pull pranks on the rival school and more. There will be school groups for Sims to join such as a robotics club, a mysterious secret society and special events of course. EA has also announced that Discover University even lets players customise their Sims new room while they live on campus. The Sims 4 University expansion will let Sims live on campus in a dorm and off-campus as well, along with adding a variety of new clothing options.

Players are going to be able to manage their Sims time almost like a bit of a management game while at the Sims 4 University. Not going to classes will have a negative effect on their grade but going to classes all the time might have some kind of unannounced negative affect as well such as on their Mood levels. Not to worry, there is plenty to do in Discover University which means there is never a dull moment and lots to explore inside the new Sims 4 University expansion. However, the more a Sim learns the better they will be at their future career. So, if you want your Sim to be a high earning lawyer or engineer then they definitely cannot afford to waste much of their time with juice pong, juggling soccer balls, or pirating games.

Sims 4 Discover University will be releasing much sooner than you might think. Both Windows and Mac players will be getting the Sims 4 University expansion in less than one month’s time on November 15th. The Discover University expansion can already be pre-ordered for all platforms.

PlayStation 4 users will be the next ones to receiver the highly anticipated expansion with Discover University arriving on November 17th instead. However, Xbox One owners will be sad to learn that the store lists Discover University with a December 17th release date. 

The good news for everyone however is that the new expansion will be included in EA Access from launch. So anyone with an active EA Access account will have immediate access to the content without needing to purchase it separately. Naturally, you do need the base game, but this is included in the console version of EA Access and is also included in the PC version which is called Origin Access. It is unclear right now if the expansion will also be included for Origin Access subscription members.

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