Seriously… this is a hands-free device

Seriously… this is a hands-free device


CES 2009 : If you think we are kidding, we are not. This is the Cell-Mate, and this is a “hands-free” device – or so its says to get pass the laws that 13 states have introduced that forbid you to use your phone without a hands-free device while driving your car.

While it may look like a giant headband that just holds your phone on your face – it’s claim to never have bad reception on Bluetooth is true, since it never had it in the first place. And it really doesn’t help the company’s image when the site is hosted on GoDaddy’s free hosting service.

But if you are seriously getting one, then you should not use it if you have an iPhone – your dirty skin touching the iPhone’s glass screen doesn’t look that good, especially when you are sweating. Also, you won’t be able to answer when the button is on the screen, where your face is.

And if you are at CES, you can find their booth at IP-214.

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