Comp: Win a copy of BitDefender Total Security 2010!

Comp: Win a copy of BitDefender Total Security 2010! is starting July with a huge competition, especially when this month we have dubbed it “Security Month”, giving you some advice on how to be secure online and at home when you are on your PC. Of course, with this we might as well offer a competition – and that is what we have done.

In partnership with the good pals of BitDefender, we are offering ten copies, chosen at random, of BitDefender Total Security 2010 (which retails for AU$105) for free. Total Security 2010 protects your identity while removing the threats from spyware and viruses.

All you need is just to answer a simple question: What is your most wanted feature in an ideal security solution (i.e. anti-virus/anti-malware, etc)?

The terms: you have got until Sunday 25 July to get your entires in. To get them in, just place your answers when writing a comment. No seriously. That’s all it takes. Don’t forget, please provide your email address, so we can confirm you.

EDIT: In order to get a winner on the same day for our Podcast recording, we will close entries at 6:30PM AEST. After that, the comments section will be closed and you will no longer be able to post your entries.

EDIT [2]: And it’s over! We’ll be announcing the winners soon.

Security Month kicks off this month, so why not win something. Don’t worry, your emails will not be used for spamming purposes or sold to third parties.

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