The second chapter begins: Twitch Plays Pokémon Crystal

The second chapter begins: Twitch Plays Pokémon Crystal

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It’s been just over a day since the end credits of Twitch Plays Pokémon Red, and now chapter two begins.

With the countdown reaching zero just a few minutes ago, the Australian developer behind the social experiment, where players control an emulator via live chat, has decided upon Pokémon Crystal as the sequal of choice. Originally released in 2001 on the Game Boy Color, Crystal was the seventh game in the series, the first to Pokémon exclusive to the Game Boy Color, as well as notably the first Pokémon game to have a female character option. The formula for the livestream has also been changed, with Anarchy and Democracy modes no longer voted upon, but instead are now automatically switched every hour.

Players have already named their main character Ajdnnw, as well as comitted to being a male character in the game. But the next pages are yet to be written. Will we once again release our favourite Pokémon? Will we ever find Misty? Will we ever leave the town? And can we once again finish the game with the collective dexterity of an infant? Only time will tell.

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