Scam site gone after owner’s names and addresses published on web

Scam site gone after owner’s names and addresses published on web


A pair of alleged scammers who made millions from the infamous, a “service” that sold monthly subscriptions to unsuspecting web users for standard search results from popular torrent sites like Mininova and The Pirate Bay, have now gotten their identity exposed across the web.

As well, users’ credit cards were also being used for subscription payments that were used for other, mysterious charges; and don’t try cancelling since it was near impossible, with many different stories detailing about the experience.

The identity of the owners, Matt and Jake Dylewski, were revealed by; who also had photos, their addresses, their ICQ numbers, date of births and their girlfriend’s information posted on the page. As well, the site also lists more than 20 sites that are owned by them, including,,,, and

Also, they managed to turn their scam into a fulltime business, after having scamming users out of “millions of dollars” over the years and have been evading taxes in Canda (where Jake resides), Malta (where Matt resides) and Poland (their home country). As well, their ‘office’ is listed in Malta.

According to TorrentFreak, most of the websites have been taken down, including, but those who had been victims are more likely to never get their money back. If you have been scammed by these people, is suggesting that you file a report with the Malta Police.

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