Samsung to bring out thinnest Blu-Ray player

Samsung to bring out thinnest Blu-Ray player

Samsung has unveiled the world’s thinnest Blu-Ray player to date. Called the BD-D7500 (a very unattractive name), it is only 0.9-inches thin and Samsung promises that its size will not compromise in delivering the best picture quality.

The player has one HDMI input connector, if you happen to run out of room, and will have a 2D-to-3D converter to allow viewers to have a 3D experience with pictures, movies and streaming video; and HD upconversion. It also has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and Smart Blu-ray features, according to Samsung. It also promises to start up in three seconds – an 80 percent difference with 2010 models.

Also announced by Samsung was the BD-D7000, which is its stylistic design model. It is compact and has a hidden disc slot from the centre of the unit. It is also a square. It will have many of the same features as the BD-D7500, including 2D-to-3D conversion and HD upconversion.

Samsung BD-6700 Blu-Ray player (Image: Samsung)

In addition, two more Blu-ray players will be released by Sony, with the BD-D6700 and BD-D6500. The BD-D6700 will be its 3D Blu-ray player, and will include HD upscaling and 3D conversion, and users will be able to control the player with their Android or iOS device. It will also include 2 HDMI ports. The BD-D6500, however, is a simpler version, and only will play 3D content and has integrated Wi-Fi. It also includes HD upscaling.

No release date has been announced, nor has pricing.

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