Samsung takes on Apple with new ad comparison, but is it fair?

Samsung takes on Apple with new ad comparison, but is it fair?

In a new print advert that will soon be plastered on newspapers in the United States, Samsung is claiming that “it doesn’t take a genius” to determine that the Galaxy S III is “the next big thing”. However, it does slightly skew the comparison with it and the iPhone 5 to its favour, by adding a bunch of things that are highly gimmicks.

Of course, we can see they didn’t compare the processor – the US version of the Galaxy S III has a dual-core processor as opposed to the quad-core processor required. However, they were really fair, until they tacked on “Smart Stay” and “S-Beam” – all just software features that Samsung added on top of the Galaxy S III.

S Beam is essentially another way to transfer data between the two, with NFC used for pairing. You’re still sharing the data through Wi-Fi, but between two devices without an access point – and isn’t that unique since Android supports data transfer between two devices via NFC. Of course, that being said, iOS doesn’t really give you an option to transfer data between two phones via Bluetooth, but there are apps that pretty much do the same thing – even one through sound.

And if we’re going to be feature-specific, what the hell is “Turn Over To Mute”? I have a Galaxy S III, and have never used it (nor how to use it). Still, I prefer my Galaxy S III and Android – I just don’t prefer using TouchWiz. (Yes, I know, I will root the device – once I have the time to do so)

You can see the ad yourself below.

via AppleInsider (shocker, I know)

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