Samsung reveals new SUHD TVs at CES 2015 - all running on Tizen OS

Samsung reveals new SUHD TVs at CES 2015 - all running on Tizen OS


No one knows what the S means in SUHD, but that hasn’t stopped Samsung hyping up the new technology at its CES press conference earlier today. The new SUHD line of TVs all feature its new quantum dot technology that Samsung says produces better colour, and run on its Tizen operating system.

However, SUHD is not replacing UHD. Samsung will continue to create UHD displays, with SUHD aimed as a premium product.

So what is the main difference between SUHD and the OLED UHD sets produced by its rivals? Namely the “eco-friendly nano-crystal technology” on the screen, which Samsung says will produce better colour accuracy compared to its rivals. It also features a remastering engine that, according to Samsung, automatically analyses the brightness of images and adjusts the contrast levels. They also said they had partner with 20th Century Fox to optimise content for the SUHD display.


Like all of its Smart TVs this year, all of its SUHD TVs will be running on its Linux-based Tizen OS – originally designed to be used for smartphones but found its way being used on its wearable devices. According to Samsung, the move lets them include new features and provide a more integrated experience to consumers. They also have hinted that Tizen could be introduced in more devices, saying that the Smart TVs will be the “control centre for any Smart Home”.

In addition to Tizen, the TVs will have Bluetooth Low Energy support. This allows your TV to quickly pair with your Samsung smartphone and share content from your phone to your TV with a press of a button. It will also let users watch TV from their smartphones without installing a new app.

Samsung says they plan to offer three SUHD models – JS9500, JS9000 and JS8500 – in nine different screen sizes ranging from 48 inches to 88 inches.

Samsung Electronics Australia has confirmed that the new SUHD displays will be coming later this year. Philip Newton, Vice President of Consumer Electronics, said in a statement, “We are very excited about our new range of products which will provide Australians amazing picture quality, immersive viewing, and a continually expanding content offering in 2015.”

“The new SUHD TVs from Samsung represent an exceptional step forward for our TV range and technology. This is a game changer for the Samsung Smart TV category and we are looking forward to sharing more information about the local range later this year.”

“We will confirm local pricing and availability for each product closer to the local launch.”

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