Samsung reveals new "Smart Blu-Ray" players, includes creating digital versions of DVDs

Samsung reveals new "Smart Blu-Ray" players, includes creating digital versions of DVDs

Samsung BD-ES6000 Compact Blu-ray player

Samsung has announced two new Blu-Ray players as part of its “Smart Blu-Ray” line, which promises features such as a full web browser and a new way of turning your personal DVD collection into digital content that can be streamed on many devices such as your laptop and your phone.

Samsung’s line-up includes the BD-ES6000 and the BD-E65000. The ES-6000 is a compact player that also packs in the latest video technology, and is suitable for those finding little room to place a normal-sized player. A gallery of the player can be seen below.

Samsung BD-E6500 3D Blu-ray with Dual HDMI Inputs and built-in WiFi

The E6500, however, is a more stylish Blu-Ray player that also includes 3D support. It includes 2 HDMI inputs, so another equipment that uses HDMI – such as a game console – can be connected to the TV without sacrificing another HDMI port. In addition, as like other 3D Blu-Ray players from Samsung, it can convert non-HD material to full 1080p HD.

The big attraction for both is that you can now convert your DVD into a digital file that can be streamed on any device at any time, even in multiple locations. This feature, “Disc to Digital” lets users create the digital file and place it under their “UltraViolet” collection – developed by Flixster and Roxi. Samsung users can watch the UltraViolet version on their TVs via the Flixster app.

I should also point out that they will use their own file format and is laced with DRM. You will need to use an UltraViolet app to watch it – such as Flixster’s own for Samsung’s Smart TV. In addition, this is only available in the US – so don’t expect it any time soon in Australia.

No pricing or availability has been announced.

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