Samsung offer Apple deal to settle Australian lawsuit

Samsung offer Apple deal to settle Australian lawsuit

The tablet that is in the middle of a patent war between Apple and Samsung - The Galaxy Tab 10.1 (Image: Samsung)

Samsung has offered a deal to Apple in order to settle its patent dispute over touch-screen technology that would allow the Korean company to launch the long-awaited Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet in Australia, according to its lawyers.

Talking to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung lawyer David Catterns said that the tablet could launch next week if Apple settles. Apple has accused Samsung of copying its smartphone and tablets, among other patent infringements, in a number of countries including Germany, the Netherlands, Japan and South Korea.

Apple has told the court that they will need time to examine the deal.

Details of the proposed settlement have not been discussed, but it appears that Apple will certainly be the victor in this deal.

The case for Samsung appears to be shaky, after it agreed to withdraw two features from the Galaxy Tab 10.1 that infringe on Apple’s patents. However, if the judge presiding, Justice Annabelle Bennett, rejects Apple’s claims, it does give Samsung some leverage in its other cases and it also threatens Apple’s attempt to dominate the tablet and smartphone market.

Samsung also recently announced a patent deal with Microsoft that would see Samsung pay royalties for Microsoft over its use of Android. Yes, you heard that correctly. Samsung is paying Microsoft in order to use Android. Now it appears it also has to pay Apple to use the hardware for its tablets and smartphones.

That’s got to hurt.

Justice Bennett said yesterday that she is trying to deliver a ruling next week over the injunction, but no timeframe has been given.

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