Samsung kills the Galaxy Note 7

Samsung kills the Galaxy Note 7


In a drastic move, Samsung has today announced that it will stop all production of the Galaxy Note 7. The news comes after the Australian and US carriers halted the phone exchange program after reports of the replacement devices were also bursting into flames.

In a statement, seen by Al Jazeera, the company said, “We recently readjusted the production volume for thorough investigation and quality control, but putting consumer safety as top priority, we have reached a final decision to halt production of Galaxy Note 7s.”

“Consumers with either an original Galaxy Note 7 or replacement Galaxy Note 7 device should power down and stop using the device.”

The decision has seen US$17 billion off its market value, and its share price fall 8 percent – the largest drop since 2008.

The Galaxy Note 7 arrived in August to rave reviews. However, within the first few weeks, reports of the phone suddenly combusting and images of charred handsets appeared on social media – forcing Samsung to recall the device in early September. Samsung pointed the blame at its primary battery manufacturer – which Bloomberg reports as being Samsung SDI Co – and would issue replacement issues.

However, the company was forced to perform another recall after reports of the replacement handset suddenly bursted into flames. Samsung Australia told customers to turn your Galaxy Note 7 (original and replacement) and return them to where you purchased it. Customers will get a refund or an alternative handset.

If you want my advice, I’d probably get the refund and get another smartphone.

Image via KSTP

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