Samsung confirms the Galaxy Gear - coming worldwide on Sept 25

Samsung confirms the Galaxy Gear - coming worldwide on Sept 25

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Samsung has confirmed what we’ve been expecting – the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Designed to be conformable to wear all-day and something that looks like something from a sci-fi film (yes, apparently that’s an inspiration now); the Galaxy Gear will notify you of any call, text message, events or notifications from your phone.

Included in the band is a 1.9-megapixel camera in order to take photos for memos, to capture the moment, or even to translate a sign for you. Other hardware specs include a 800MHz single-core CPU, a 1.63-inch display, Bluetooth 4.0 support with Low Energy support, and has 4GB of storage.

The Gear is designed to work with the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 10.1, with future updates coming to Galaxy S4 and S3 to support the gear. It is constantly in sync with “Smart Relay”, a feature where it will open up the app after seeing a notification on the Gear. You will also answer and make phone calls and messages from the Gear itself, with a simple “natural gesture” of raising your hand – yes, again, Samsung thinks that’s natural. The Galaxy Gear also includes S Voice, but will also have 70 apps to download from its own app store. Makers confirmed to be creating apps for the Gear include Runkeeper, Pocket, and Path.

The Galaxy Gear launches on September 25, with the Galaxy Note 3, in over 143 countries. No word on Australian availability information as of yet.

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