Samsung enters virtual reality with its new Gear VR headset

Samsung enters virtual reality with its new Gear VR headset

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Samsung has announced that it will be entering the virtual reality business, partnering with Oculus to create the Samsung Gear VR. Introduced as the “next generation in wearable technology”, it promises to deliver a new way to experience and consume mobile content.

The Gear VR allows users to see performances and video game surroundings in full 360-degree 3D video, taking advantage of the hardware of the Galaxy Note 4. Unlike the Oculus Rift, there are no cables. However, you are essentially docking the phone to the microUSB port at the front of the Gear VR.

It has several partners providing exclusive content for the device, all on a pre-loaded microSD card. For example: Vevo will offer 100,000 HD-quality videos and live concerts that take full advantage of the “full-screen theatre” experience, while IMAX will offers samples of films and documentaries in a virtual theatre.

The first product that will be released is the “Innovator Edition” – which is designed for developers and enthusiasts, not for everyday consumers. Samsung Australia has confirmed that it is coming to Australia, but no word on availability.

“Samsung Electronics Australia can confirm that the Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge and Gear VR will be launching in Australia later this year. We will confirm local pricing and availability for each product closer to local launch,” a spokesperson said.

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